Problem Justification

Every 30 seconds 2 children become orphans. There are more than 100 millions orphans worldwide. There are an estimated 65 million orphans in Africa only.

It is hard to grasp such large numbers, but if you had just the African orphans hold hands in a line, the line would go around the entire earth. If you were to follow that line of orphans holding hands, driving 60 mph, passing 1700 children per minute, you could drive 24 hours a day, mile after mile, hour after hour, day after day, nonstop, for over 17 days, and you would still see orphans holding hands.

These children are hungry, lonely and afraid

Kibera is one of the largest existing low income areas (slum) in Africa situated in the heart of Nairobi the capital city of Kenya. The area is home to many families of low income standards in a congested place with no roads network, poor health facilities, no formal schools and high incidences of insecurity.

It is here that is home to most orphans and abandoned children owing to its nearness to the city center and her unconducive habitat environment for the less fortunate.  The unfortunate children are as a result of deaths caused by HIV/Aids, poverty levels leading to abandonment and very poor parental upbringing and crimes associated with the city center.

The presence of these children is evident and no actors willing to support and address the challenges of education, health and shelter for them. The program for MOBJAP is designed to addresses this challenges, advocate for the rights of the children and open the potentials of these children.